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Flyer Life

Flyer Life

Flyer Life

The Flyer Life ... 

Life at St. Joseph HIgh School is more than just academics. We take pride in making sure our students have the opportunity to grow in mulitple areas including their faith, fine arts and through various clubs and organizations. 

School Song
Come and join our happy chorus, 
Raise aloft a mighty cheer, 
While we loudly chant the praises, 
Of our School with voices clear;

And the learning of whose scholars, 
No one can in truth deny; 
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
For St. Joseph HIgh!

We are proud St. Joseph students to be;
Proud to bear its great and noble name; 
And our aim in life will ever be, 
To increase its glory and its fame. 

Then Hurrah! For good St. Joseph High
May we ever be its joy and pride, 
May we e're stand loyal at its side, 
Once more Hurrah! For good St. Joseph High!

School Colors
Blue and White