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Flyer Life

Flyer Life

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Are STJ students allowed to use cell phones on campus?
Yes, STJ students may have cell phones on campus; however, there are limitations about when they are able to use them. You can click here to read the Personal Electronic Device Policy. 

What time does school start?
The tardy bell for the beginning of school rings at 7:50 am, on a regular schedule day.  Students must be in their seats at that time.  School is dismissed at 3:00 pm, on a regular schedule day. 

Where can a student get extra help with a subject?
Students are encouraged to attend tutorials, which are available Monday through Thursday from 3-3:30 pm, unless otherwise noted by the teacher. 

When does athletic practice begin?
Athletic practices begin at 3:30 pm, after the tutorial period.

Does the cafeteria provide breakfast and/or lunch?
The STJ cafeteria offers lunch daily.  The hot tray lunch is $5 per day and may be paid in advance or daily.  There is also a salad bar, sandwiches, and snacks that may be purchased separately.  Microwave ovens are located in the cafeteria for those wishing to warm lunch brought from home.  

Also, there is a break after 2nd period when students can purchase breakfast items daily. 

Does STJ offer transportation to and from school?
No, STJ does not offer transportation to and from school but will provide it for STJ Athletes competing in STJ athletic events. 

Students being dropped off or picked up in the morning or afternoon may not do so on Red River Street due to safety/traffic issues. 

What is the dress code at STJ?
STJ does not require students to wear uniforms; however, students are asked to abide by the STJ Student Dress Code which can be found by clicking here.