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Flyer Life

Parent - Teacher Club

By virtue of your child attending St. Joseph, you are a very important part of this group!  Are you active? There are many ways to become involved.

The Parent-Teacher Club provides crucial financial support to the school. Through various fund raising activities the club funds:

           *  The Athletic Program 
           *  Spirit Groups 
           *  Special Academic Activities 

Originally the Parent - Teacher Club functioned as separate groups, the Mothers’ Club and the Fathers’ Club.  The Mothers’ Club, founded in 1912, financed the student projects and assisted the cafeteria programs.  The Fathers’ Club, organized in 1936, was responsible for the athletic program, supplying equipment, transportation and other needs of the school.  In May of 1992, these individual clubs joined membership and became the Parent-Teacher Club.  Some time back it was decided to drop the membership fee and include all parents as members.  So become actively involved!    

The Parent Passport is a document that contains usual information about all things Flyer.

Volunteer Requirements Related to Diocese Safe Enviroment Code

Volunteer Form

2016-17 PTC Officers
PTC President -  Naomi Flonnory
Secretary -  Katherine Cano
Treasurer  -  Dawn Cummings
Volunteer Coordinator - Traci Burke and Jennifer Garza
All Sports Pass Chairperson  -  Lori Young and Dyeana Pena
Athletic Program Chairperson - Stacie Benavides and Mario Vallejo
Family Festival Chairperson - Greg Haynes
Concessions Chairperson - Barbara Sainz and Shweta Agarwal
Gate Chairperson - Reginald Johnson and Carlette Johnson
Special Events Chairperson - Donna Rodriguez
Spirit Booth Chairperson - Nicky Chapa and Kara Dickinson
President/Principal - Thomas Maj