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Sarita Richmond

Sarita Richmond Email
Spanish Instructor
Phone: 361-573-2446 x535

Bachelor of Science - Health with emphasis in Spanish - Texas A&M University (1998)

Completed two internships: A Spanish immersion internship at Robert Reid Children’s Hospital, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and a Health Internship, at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston. 

After graduating from Texas A&M, Ms. Sarita Villafranca Richmond accepted a position as a pharmaceutical sales representative, in New Orleans, selling exclusively in Spanish. While in New Orleans, she was a Spanish tutor for high school students. When she moved to Victoria in 2013 she was hired as the part-time mission advancement director at Nazareth Academy. In addition, Ms. Richmond continued her tutoring career with students from St. Joseph High School, as well as adults in the community. She was then hired by the Diocese of Victoria to be the first director of communications for the Diocese and also served as the editor of the Catholic Lighthouse newspaper. Ms. Richmond joined the St. Joseph faculty in 2019.

What I am looking forward to by working at STJ?
I am honored to return to St. Joseph High School as a faculty member. Never did I imagine when I graduated in 1994, that God would bring me back to St. Joseph. I am looking forward to inspiring my students to see the beauty of learning a second language. I am excited to share with them how the culture, language and Catholic faith are all intertwined and connected to learning Spanish. I have always said if you can speak two languages, you will have twice as many friends!