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Athletic Program

STJ's Flyer Athletic Club is producing a full-color Athletic Program that will be sold at STJ's home football games. This program is a great way to showcase the students at St. Joseph High School and goes into the hands of hundreds of the Flyer faithful. In addition to being a useful tool for fans to use during a game, it is a keepsake for parents for years to come.

Advertising is available in the STJ Athletic Program, and proceeds go to support the Flyer Athletic Club. 

Click here for Athletic Sponsorship Package and Athletic Program Advertising Information

Ad artwork is due to Anthony Garcia at Everlasting Designs by August 3, 2018. Email to Anthony at Your payment to the Flyer Athletic Club can be with a check, or with a secure credit card payment by clicking here.

If you have questions contact Kathleen Card at or Kelly Henke at