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Student Testimonies


Here is why our students love STJ!


"STJ gives me the opportunity to receive the best education available, and to practice and grow in my Catholic faith. At St. Joseph I am able to enjoy extracurricular activities, such as theater, Philosophy Club, service clubs, powerlifting and Student Council.” Jordan, Class of 2018



“Going to St. Joseph High School means that I am getting a wonderful education, as well as an opportunity to strengthen my faith. I really value my STJ experience and love that it is an environment where everyone encourages each other to excel.” Emily, Class of 2019



“The teachers and courses I’ve taken at St. Joseph High School have changed my life. My experiences in the classroom revealed to me what can arise as a result of the pursuit of knowledge, thus unveiling to me the real potential of education. I wake up every day with a drive to learn, knowing at the end of each day that I am better prepared for the real world.” Liam, Class of 2017



Parents love STJ too!

“We are very proud to be a part of the Flyer Family. Even though the sacrifice is sometimes tough, I would do anything to provide our son the opportunity to have a top notch education, in an exemplary Catholic High School. Sometimes I find that the less I try to follow my own will and just let the Lord guide me, the more I realize He has a greater plan.” Ron Pray, STJ parent

“When they say ‘you’ll love the journey,’ I have to admit my son was not so sure. He was concerned about how ’hard’ the classes would be.  After deciding to give STJ a try, we are so happy he did! He is enjoying high school, has met new friends and is doing well in his classes. The teachers communicate with parents and work with each student. We feel like we are part of the Flyer Family and are definitely ‘loving the journey!’” Marie Bazan, STJ parent


Former Students Playing at the Next Level Share About STJ ...

"I have been able to handle college both academically and athletically because of the tools I gained during my years at St. Joseph High School. I was taught self-discipline along with exemplary academic and athletic programs, that to this day allow me to excel in my college courses and perform on the golf course." Chloe Velasco '14, Texas A&M Univeristy Golf

"STJ prepared me to balance my athletic schedule with my academic schedule by stressing tutoring time. At STJ I would go to tutorials before practice and now that I'm in college I have tutorials every week for at least one class," Micahel Brawner '14, University of Arkansas Baseball