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Foreign Language

The purpose of studying a foreign language is to obtain a mastery of that language. By mastery it is meant the ability to read the literature published in the language, in the case of a modern language, to converse with considerable amount of fluency and accuracy. The objectives in studying language is to understand an educated native speaking at normal speed; to speak with a pronunciation and intonation acceptable to a native speaker; to be able to read a newspaper, magazine, and most non-technical contemporary writings with comprehension in addition to other literature; to acquire a sensitivity to the value system and behavior patterns of the people whose language is being studied.

Faculty Members
Ms. Veronica McManus
Ms. Victoria Stawik

Spanish I
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Prerequisite: None
Students will develop communication skills in listening, reading and writing Spanish. The cultures of the Hispanic world will also be studied.

Spanish II
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Spanish I or Credit by Exam
Students will resume building communication skills through listening, reading, writing and speaking in the language. Structure of the language learned will be reviewed and new vocabulary and grammar will be mastered. The Hispanic culture will be explored. 

Spanish III Honors
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish III, fulfillment of honors requirements and teacher recommendations

In Spanish 3, students will hone speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills at an advanced level while also investigating the cultures of various Spanish-speaking countries around the world through the interpretation and analysis of various works of literature, music, art, and film from Spanish-speaking countries. Current events in Spanish-speaking countries will also be discussed. Students will demonstrate competency in the Spanish language through original oral reports and written compositions as well as through the completion of the grammar program. The class will be conducted in both English and Spanish, but will work towards the almost exclusive use of Spanish by the second semester.                                 

German I       
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Prerequisite: None
In this foreign language course, students will be introduced to German culture, and learn to read, write, and speak basic German. We will study our rich, local German history and dive into current events.                          

Foreign Language Philosophy